Below you will find a sample of clients that The Synergy Group has worked with.

This includes corporate and not for profit organizations.


Control System Simulation for Emergency Response

Control System Simulation for Emergency Response

Ready for anything? The Synergy Group and North Star Technical presenting Control System Simulation for high risk industries. EmSim Mercury is a software package designed to be able to replicate your control system,complete with a range of credible scenarios that could occur within your operations.The software can be configured with generic graphics or else modeled to mimic the client's own DCS complete with alarms and even authentic tag numbers of equipment.

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Called in to determine nature of liquid material that appeared to be a caustic chemical in a Warehouse return facility. Successfully identified the material and defused potentially hazardous and disruptive work environment.

Client: REI
Client: Trident

Trident Seafoods

Three year work as Safety Director, including six months at sea aboard offshore fish processors and fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, Unimak Pass, Kodiak Island, the Pribliof Islands, Sand Point, Bristol Bay and the Gulf of Alaska.

Northshore School District

Sound level measurement (dosimetry) to document employee noise exposure in various job functions. Provided data essential to establish that hearing loss was not caused by conditions of employment.

Client: Northshore School District
Client: Kennewick School District

Kennewick School District

Characterization and measurement of diesel bus exhaust exposure to drivers that provided benchmark for safe working conditions aboard buses.

Frank Coluccio Construction

Air quality characterization in Brightwater Tunnel wastewater project, 5.5 miles underground in North King County.

Client: Frank Coluccio Construction